Employer Contributions & Collections FAQ’s

What is the Federal Employer Identification Number for the Pension Fund?
Carpenters Pension Fund of Illinois FEIN 36-6147396
When and where do I pay the contributions due?
Contributions are due by the 15th of the following month. Please refer to Electronic Remittance and instructions on this webpage. Or payment with the appropriate remittance reporting form can be mailed to: Carpenters Pension Fund of Illinois; P.O. Box 4001; Geneva, IL 60134-4001.
We did not have work last month; do I need to notify the Fund Office?
Yes, the Fund Office requires a monthly remittance reporting form each month. Complete your remittance reporting form and indicate “No work this month” in the upper right hand corner. If you will no longer have work in this area, also indicate “FINAL report.” This form can be returned via fax at (630) 232-0741.
We will be working outside of our local jurisdiction; where are contributions paid?
The contribution rate will vary depending on the area in which you are working, and a separate remittance report is required. Please contact the Contributions Department at (630) 232-7166 ext. 281 to request the appropriate remittance form.
We hired a new individual and he is not listed on the pre-printed remittance reporting form; how should he be reported?
New hires can be manually added to the current remittance reporting form. Please include the correct social security number, full name, address, phone, and local affiliation. New hires will appear on the next pre-printed form.
How can we be sure that our sub-contractors are current with their contribution reporting obligations?
You can refer to the Delinquent Employer List posted to this website monthly. Or you may contact the Contributions Department at (630) 232-7166 ext. 281 for an up-to-date status.
What is a Statement of Liquidated Damages?
The statement you received reflects fees due for contributions previously paid late. It will identify the work month, date payment was received, and the assessed fee. To avoid additional interest charges, this amount should be paid in full as soon as possible.
We’ve been informed of a payroll compliance audit request, and always pay our contributions due; why are we being audited?
As a contributing employer to the Carpenters Pension Fund of Illinois, and under the provisions of the Agreement and Declaration of Trust, the Fund randomly selects employers for audit to confirm the correctness of previous payments.